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shocks presents ART DADDY

Art, much like scent, can elevate your experience of the world.  Join Shocks and our very own Art Daddy Harrison Tenzer on a mission to make high art accessible. 

Harrison Tenzer is the head of Contemporary Art online sales at Sotheby’s auction house. He is also a queer artist, curator, & writer.


What better place to start? Pun fully-intended, we present to you a highlight reel of the nose as told through the ages of fine art. Power and beauty – the metaphoric focal point of many artworks featuring the nose (unsurprisingly, a cannon of power that is largely dominated by powerful white males). 

What can we learn through the stories told (and omitted) about our most obscure and least-understood sense organ? 

*Shocks of Love does not claim any copyright or ownership of the photos or artworks featured. This is for informational and entertainment purposes only.