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about us


Founded in 2020, shocks of love invites you to the “scent for self-care” revolution, empowering you & loved ones with all-natural, skin-nourishing aromatherapy. It’s not perfume––it’s self-care that smells amazing.

Our clean beauty fragrances harness the power of skin-care with mood-enhancing functional ingredients to offer you a playful & easy way to incorporate a daily meditative ritual.

shocks of love is a small business born from the self-care journey of our founder and creative director, Juan Felipe, a certified aromatherapist, meditation teacher, and self-taught perfumer. 



shocks began in the heart of Brooklyn’s local artist community, and we champion artists and creative empowerment however we can. As a part of this, we have pledged 5% of profits from our three flagship SCENT RITUALS to Activation Residency.

Activation is a Black-led artist residency designed under principles of healing justice and mutual aid, focusing on Black, Brown, Indigenous, Trans and Queer bodies.



shocks is committed to all-natural and sustainable fragrance, marrying an aromatherapeutic approach with a perfume aesthetic. Our scents are designed to be embodied rather than simply “worn”.

SCENT RITUALS skincare aromatherapy is vegan, cruelty-free non-toxic fragrance that is 100% alcohol-free, fully breathable and face & skin-friendly.

We source sustainably and ship our products in eco-friendly recycled packaging materials printed with non-toxic soy ink.