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about us


As a fragrance house at the intersection of wellness, art, & beauty, we help people experience the power of scent in an embodied and meditative way.

Our founder and creative director Juan Felipe is a certified aromatherapist and self-taught perfumer.




We believe in elevating collective consciousness through personal and creative empowerment. Shocks began in the heart of Brooklyn’s local artist community, and so we champion artists however we can.

As a part of this, we have permanently pledged 5% of profits from our products to Activation Residency, a Black-led artist residency designed under principles of healing justice and mutual aid, focusing on Black, Brown, Indigenous, Trans and Queer bodies.

Shocks is committed to all-natural and sustainable fragrance, marrying an aromatherapeutic approach with a perfume aesthetic. Our scents are designed to be embodied rather than simply “worn”.




Our first product line Scent Rituals is vegan, cruelty-free non-toxic fragrance that is 100% alcohol-free, fully breathable and face & skin-friendly. 

We source sustainably and ship all our packaging in recycled materials printed with non-toxic soy ink.