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dance with me


Fresh, zesty, & slightly citrusy

Blend of frankincense, grapefruit, black pepper, coriander, cypress, cardamom, rosemary, and juniper essential oils over an organic geranium-rose and cucumber water base



Scent Rituals aromatherapy is a line of self-care fragrances designed to be breathed in rather than worn. All-natural, non-toxic and vegan, this skin-nourishing spray can be used many times throughout the day whenever you need a mood-boost or moment of meditation. It’s mindfulness and meditation made easy by harnessing the power of essential oils and hydrosol-based scent, hand-blended and formulated by shocks of love’s founder, a certified aromatherapist.

Dance With Me is an uplifting ritual featuring an invigorating blend of herbs and spices to usher in the dance of the day. Cardamom and grapefruit add hints of zet and citrus to a green bouquet featuring notes of coriander, cypress, and frankincense. This shocks of love is refreshing and particularly helpful when you need an energy boost.

Pro tip: Scent Rituals are a great ritual to adopt right after showering (they double as a face tonifying spray), before/after zoom calls (create or refresh your mindset), and as a mood spray or mask freshener.

  • Shake well and hold bottle high overhead away from body
  • Spray liberally, misting 8-10 pumps with each use
  • Breathe in deeply while you spray yourself
  • Repeat as needed throughout day for self-care

  • Hand-blended in New York
  • 100% plant based
  • Sustainably sourced and packaged in recycled materials
  • 1.7 oz / 50ml glass bottle
  • Ingredients: distilled water, geranium-rose & cucumber hydrosols, essential oil blend of frankincense, juniper, rosemary, coriander, grapefruit, black pepper, cardamom, cypress

dance with me