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dreamlover (relaxing)

skincare aromatherapy


Let this bedside-favorite comfort & hold you with its dreamy eyes – soothing lavender and chamomile elevated with skin-nourishing carrot seed and cucumber hydrosol. Treat your skin & spirit with this moment of calm in a bottle. A touch of sweet marjoram adds a delicate herbal note to this warm & relaxing Scent Ritual


  • Unisex aroma with soothing lavender & chamomile
  • Mood-enhancing, functional botanical ingredients
  • Playful & easy way to meditate
  • Full-size 50mL glass bottles (travel safe)
  • The highest standards in clean beauty
      • 100% plant-based, ZERO synthetics, NO artificial ingredients
      • Alcohol free – breathable for face & skin
      • Vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic
  • Small business with big heart
      • Hand-blended in New York
      • 5% of proceeds donated to black-owned artist residency
      • Eco-friendly, sustainably sourced recycled packaging



“Scent meets self-care meets skincare” in this line of all-natural, alcohol-free aromatherapy. These face-tonifying sprays harness the power of aromatherapy and skin-nourishing botanicals to deliver a meditative experience of scent that boosts your mood while simultaneously smoothing & softening your skin.

Surpassing all industry standards for “clean” beauty and scent, our Scent Rituals are made using organic & wildcraft essential oils blended over a base of hydrating floral essence. 100% plant-based ingredients chosen for their functional properties and expertly hand-blended to a perfumatic aesthetic by our founder, a certified aromatherapist

– mist for face & skin, for all skin types 
– designed for deep breathing & skin nourishment
– enhances the performance of other skin-care serums & products
– aesthetically designed to be pleasing for all genders
– all-natural, non-toxic and vegan

Dreamlover is a self-care ritual great for any time of day, but especially helpful in moments of stress or pre-sleep. While all essential oils in this blend are intentionally curated, here’s an aromatherapeutic highlight of a few key ingredients:

Lavender – this oil is the “superfood” of aromatherapy oils, known for its many calming & healing qualities. With profound impact on the nervous system, it eases anxiety, stress, & tension

Chamomile – one of the gentlest essential oils, renown for its sedating and sleep-enhancing properties. Widely used in skincare blends, it also supports care of nervous & respiratory systems 

Carrot Seed – known as a cell-regenerator for the skin, this detoxifying oil is widely used in face and skincare blends

Cucumber Water – this light hydrating & soothing base is the cellular water of the plant, imbued with nutritious minerals and fatty acids 

Full Ingredients: Blend of lavender, chamomile, carrot seed, and sweet marjoram essential oils over an organic lavender and cucumber water + distilled water base. 100% plant-based, ZERO synthetics, NO artificial ingredients

These self-care fragrances are designed to nourish your mind-body connection through deep aromatic breaths. Spray onto the air above your face: inhale, hold, and exhale. 

Whenever you need a mood-boost or easy moment of meditation –– they are safe & encouraged for use many times throughout your day. Here are a few recommended “pro-tips” to incorporate in your daily care: 

  • Skincare: Right after showering, after washing your face (as a toner) 
  • Create/reset mindset: Before/after zoom calls, yoga, meditation, before/after workout, or other personal practices
  • Stress management: on-hand at workstation, before/after relaxing bath soak 
  • Elevate your environment: mask freshener, mood mist


Your sense of smell has a direct and scientifically documented link to your brain’s limbic system: the area of your brain, including the hippocampus & amygdala, which regulates your emotions and helps link your conscious and unconscious functioning. Curating all-natural botanicals for their documented functional effects gives aromatherapeutic fragrances the power to alter your mood and emotional state faster than most other sensory experiences. 

Studies have shown that even 60 seconds of deep breathing can help improve your emotional wellbeing, lower the stress hormone cortisol and improve concentration. Our aromatherapy sprays will help you slow down your day for a mindful moment of deep, aromatically pleasing, skin-softening breaths

      dreamlover (relaxing)