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Fresh herbal, fruity, & warming

Blend of lavender, chamomile, carrot seet, and sweet marjoram essential oils over an organic lavender and cucumber water base


Scent Rituals aromatherapy is a line of self-care fragrances designed to be breathed in rather than worn. All-natural, non-toxic and vegan, this skin-nourishing spray can be used many times throughout the day whenever you need a mood-boost or moment of meditation. It’s mindfulness and meditation made easy by harnessing the power of essential oils and hydrosol-based scent, hand-blended and formulated by shocks of love’s founder, a certified aromatherapist.

Dreamlover is a relaxing ritual serving bedroom eyes. It pairs the usual dreamy suspects of lavender and chamomile with fresh, skin-nourishing carrot seed and cucumber hydrosol.This shocks of love can be used through the day whenever you need a soothing moment, though it is especially wonderful as a pre-sleep or pillow-side ritual, and it does wonders for your skin!

Pro tip: Scent Rituals are a great ritual to adopt right after showering (they double as a face tonifying spray), before/after zoom calls (create or refresh your mindset), and as a mood spray or mask freshener.

  • Shake well and hold bottle high overhead away from body
  • Spray liberally, misting 8-10 pumps with each use
  • Breathe in deeply while you spray yourself
  • Repeat as needed throughout day for self-care

  • Hand-blended in New York
  • 100% plant based
  • Sustainably sourced and packaged in recycled materials
  • 1.7 oz / 50ml glass bottle
  • Ingredients: distilled water, lavender & cucumber hydrosols, essential oil blend of lavender, chamomile, carrot seed, and sweet marjoram