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mood management rituals

DESCRIPTION  (bundle size 3 x 15ml)

this discovery set is designed to help you handle all of life’s daily mood swings. uplift yourself with dance with me, find balance with the pick-me-up sweet on you, or mellow out with the calming dreamlover. aromatherapy scents for the shocks of life.

comprised of uplifting, balancing, and relaxing rituals  (15ml each)


dance with me: uplifting ritual; fresh, green, and citrusy; notes of frankincense, coriander, grapefruit, black pepper

sweet on you: balancing ritual; crisp, floral, & forest-piney; notes of vetiver, geranium, cypress 

dreamloverrelaxing ritual; fresh-herbal, fruity, & warm; notes of sweet marjoram, chamomile, lavender

mood management rituals